Port Edgar Dragons – or, as we were then, Paddlers for Life Scotland South East – was formed in early 2010 in response to a call out from Andrina Gordon who, having tried dragon boat paddling on Windermere, was keen to launch a group in Scotland. It took a few months to gather sufficient members to form a charity but within that small group was Guthrie Stuart whose long association with Port Edgar earned us free boat storage and jetty use. Thank you Edinburgh Leisure. Also Emma Herman-Smith, whose experience in applying for art project funding went a long way to securing our first boat, the Isla Mae, along with paddles and buoyancy aids. Thank you Awards for All, the Robertson Trust, Pink Ribbon Foundation and Jewel & Esk Rotary Club. Most important in those early days, however, was Andrina’s undaunted enthusiasm and determination to see dragon boats being paddled in the Forth. A woman with a vision

Many paddlers at Windermere have visited and paddled at Port Edgar, a warm welcome and a great paddling experience near the Forth Bridge. We are all so pleased for them.

Andrina says… ” After much labour Paddlers for Life at Port Edgar today were safely and joyously delivered their pink boat – a very pink boat. It was both nerve racking and exciting ” They have buoyancy aids and are awaiting paddles hoping for their first boat launch and paddle soon.

Port Edgar Dragons are the south East Scotland branch of Paddlers for Life, a breast cancer charity that encourages the health and well being of people recovering from cancer and its treatment side effects through the sport of Dragon Boating. This form of exercise has been shown to be very beneficial to survivors of Breast Cancer. The group, while aimed at Breast Cancer, is open to anyone recovering from cancer, whose life has been touched by cancer or wants to become involved.