This is an amazing group of welcoming women who enjoy spending time together getting active. Breast cancer takes many of us by surprise and affects us in many different ways. This activity allows us women of all ages and backgrounds to get together in the great outdoors and feel part of a special team. We paddle to the beat and each play our part, supporting each other in our dragon boat voyage. More than that, we support each other by being there each week for an opportunity to spend time enjoying sport, teamwork and great company. I picked up a leaflet at my local Maggies centre and am very glad that I did. I now look forward to rowing each Saturday, at Lochore Meadows and The Canal in Edinburgh, the alternate venues add to the sense of adventure. I first attended after my operation and before treatment, taking it easy, doing what I could. I feel privileged to be part of the crew each week that I can attend. It’s a great activity for all ages and lets us get out there, get active and live life! I enjoy it so much that when I was on holiday, I spotted a  dragon boat in the town canal and contacted the local group, I was invited to join them in one of their training sessions! While breast cancer placed a pause in my life as it was, it has opened up many doors and allowed me to meet and have fun with many people. Dragon boating is a definite highlight. Everyone in the boat has been affected by breast cancer, either as a survivor or a supporter and you can talk about anything you want with a non-medic friend or use it as a chance to get away from all of that. You are an important team member within that boat, part of something bigger, back in control and best of all, having fun!! Come along and find out for yourself.