The flower ceremony has become an important tradition in breast cancer survivor Dragon Boating. On our first paddle of the season, we come together to remember the Dragons who we have lost but whose spirit lives on in each of us. Sally, our helm, took the opportunity to say a few words about the importance of celebrating the lives of survivors, of offering hope to those still battling cancer, and of honouring those who we have lost the to the disease. This year, a poem written by Linda Kerwin from the Machestic Dragons, NJ, USA summed up so beautifully, what we wanted to say.

For the newly diagnosed and those who have recently had a recurrence –
May your fears be calmed, your strength renewed and your hopes realized.
For those in the midst of the battle –
May your determination never falter and your days be filled with victory
For those in remission –
May your joy fill the lives of those around you and be a light for those to follow.
For those nearing the end of the fight –
May you find courage to walk the path before you and see the glory in each new day.
For those who have lost loved ones –
May your memories bring joy rather than sorrow and your days be filled with the spirit of those who have touched your lives.

For those we have lost, we miss you xx